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Dr. Alex Guerrero

Dr. Alex Guerrero is one of the most-decorated and respected surgeons in his field. He has done quite a lot of work in the medical, and this biography explains how he became the best in his field. Anyone who is interested in surgery as a career may watch Alex's career path, and they will find he has an education no different than their own.


Dr. Guerrero resides in New York, but he began by entering the Oregon Health and Science University. He completed his medical degree before moving on to New York Methodist Hospital for his residency. He has completed further training in England, and he has shown a desire to learn as much as possible during his tenure in every location. He is currently working in New York where he is inventing, practicing medicine and serving patients who need surgeries.

Dr. Alex Guerrero's Career

There are few trauma surgeons like Alex anywhere, and he is sought-after often in the New York area. He has a license to practice in both Pennsylvania and New York, and he willing to travel to help patients who are most in need of care. Each choice he makes ensures someone is alive and well, and he is working in the business world to ensure better products are brought to the market on a routine basis.

Dr. Alex Guerrero is well-known for the VIZR wearable system which he invented to help surgeons in intense situations where they have little time to adjust their visor with lights and other instruments. He has the product in many hospitals around the country, and he is committed to updating the product to ensure it may be used by as many doctors as possible.

InterTrauma Consulting

Alex is the president of InterTrauma Consulting, and he has worked all over the world to ensure everyone is receiving the finest in trauma care. He understands how to create a better patient care scenario for everyone, and he has brought his ideas about trauma care to every continent. He knows how to set up a trauma center that will save more lives, and he is helping hospitals use the best practices he has done himself into action.

Alex is one of the most-awarded and connected people in the medical field, and he has many affiliations that show he is respected by all his colleagues. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and he has done quite a lot of work helping other surgeons in his role. He is licensed by the American Board of Surgery, and he has this credential because he believes in being as prepared as possible to serve each patient.

He is a member of the New York Academy of Medicine, and he is a member of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma. He is active in each organization as he wishes to help his patients receive better care while educating more surgeons about the work he does. He is dedicated to the art of surgery, and he wishes to see it improve every year as he and his colleagues join together to create better processes.

Alex speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese as a part of his practice. He is dedicated to serving every patient who comes through the door, and he speaks to them in their native language to help them feel comfortable when they are in surgery. He is an important figure in the surgery world as he speaks multiple languages, and he wishes to show his colleagues that knowing foreign languages improves customer care.

Alex has been around the world from Harlem to the continent of Antarctica. He believes there is no better way to ensure the care of patients than by going to where they are, and he has participated in events that help expose his idea to a wider audience. He wants to reach as many people as possible with the idea that trauma surgery may be completed in a simple manner. The systems he has created are some of the best in the world, and they are used in hospitals every day because he traveled there to train the staff.

The life and career of Dr. Alex Guerrero is one of the most important in the field of trauma surgery. He is searching for a new way to help patients every day, and he finds new ideas in a number of places. He is an inventor who has revolutionized the field he works in with the VIZR system, and he consults hospitals to ensure they are doing the finest work possible on behalf of their patients. Someone who studies what Alex has done will realize there are few people as important to surgery as him.

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